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At the Third National Elder Abuse Conference in Perth, 2014; it was revealed that there are very few forums within which to share stories, spread information and discuss the complexities of working in the field of elder abuse. This forum is designed to give anyone working with older people a space to:

  • Continue the conversations from the conference
  • Get involved with projects, ideas and events
  • Join in on a growing network of people who want to make real change


Welcome to the Elder Abuse Community forum that is designed by you, for you, to help combat elder abuse in Australia. 

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manipulative nephew

hi all, I am very concerned about my mum(85)  and stepdad (83). They have been together for 40 years. Dad had a lot of land when they got together but most of it has been sold off over the years. Mum has given all of this to my nephew. My brother…

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3 Replies · Reply by Roslyn May 28, 2016